Posts for your community

In online communities we call ‘packages’ to a set amount of posts that a person might receive in their community. One or more users will join the target forum and create the accorded threads and replies.

Here in RAF packages are a one person business. I am not a quick poster but I am a good quality one. With money and your trust on the line you bet I will try my best to fill your expectations.


This is what you can expect with any package:

  • I will create a full profile. Avatar and signature. No links.
  • I won’t use the ‘Kaynil’ username, but you will recognise my email address.
  • An introduction thread. It won’t count towards the agreed number of threads.
  • I will post an agreed number of threads and replies in your niche areas.
  • Proper sentences. No cheap one liners with the in-deal posts.
  • I will make extra posts in other areas of the community as I see fit.
  • I will reply quotes, use tags, post status and act like any of your members.
  • I will not speak of our deal. I will not mention RAF.


Less than 5 – FREE

  • Between 2 and 5 non-thread posts done in one sitting.



$.20 AUD per thread OR  $1 AUD for 6 Threads

$.10 AUD  per reply OR $1 AUD for 12 Replies


  • 2 threads
  • 8 replies


  • 10 threads
  • 50 replies

About the Paid deals:

  • Minimal order: $0.50 AUD
  • $4.99 AUD or less: Must pay all upfront.
  • $5.00 AUD or more: Must pay half or more before I start.
  • I will post at most 15 in-deal posts per week.
  • If re-hired I will use the same account unless instructed otherwise.

Ready to hire-me?

This is very easy. All you have to do is to leave a comment with the following information:

As soon as I receive your form I will contact you with my paypal details and register an account in your community. Once I receive payment I will flesh out the account and start the deal.

If you need information, have trouble posting your request or would rather me I don’t make the review public, please instead send the information to my personal email Make sure to include  the'[RAF Manual Package]’ prefix in the title so I know straight away it is about this blog.

Thank you!


What do you think?

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