Promotion Forums

 This entry is dedicated for those of my readers that are not familiar with the forums dedicated to the promotion of other boards and a community of fellow admins to share experiences and help each other out to grow.

In my posts you will most likely stumble with terms that are proper of these type of communities and deeds, and I hope this page can help you understand better what I mean when I talk about being a packager, doing reviews, etc.

How does promotion/advertising Forums work?

They may seem intimidating, but promotion forums are easy once you get the hang of them. Many of them use some sort of ‘forum currency’, which is not real money, simply points you receive by posting. You join a promotion forum, the more you post there the more points you get which you can exchange for ‘services’. So you keep the advertising forum alive in exchange of the currency which you can ‘spend’ in many different ways. Finding where to post is not difficult as the communities offer a big range or areas from general talk to forum related issues.

Some of the usual services:

Paid with the forum currency (may or may not include optional offers paid with real money):

  • Advertisement spots you can rent with points; size of images or text, where will they be displayed (index only or through it all), for how long (from days to weeks) will vary according the spot and prices. These spots are great to gain exposure and make otyher people aware of the existance of your creation.
  • Reviews that you can ask for. Usually you can choose between a quick and a deeper one. The ‘reviewer’ is a staff member which specializes in this service. He or she will check your forum and will deliver a report covering different aspects such graphics, activity, etc. They will tell you what they think it is working and what things you could improve, and give you ideas. This can be of help when you are stuck and want to know what kind of first impression your place gives to your visitors. You fill up a form ina new thread, wait for someone to tag you and once you get your report the points are substracted from your account.
  • Packages is like hiring a user to post in your community an exact amount of posts. In themselves the ‘packages’ are the options and prices. There are usually at least three options to choose for and their names has some sort of theme to indicate its size or worth. Some places allow you to choose which ‘packager’ to hire. The people taht deliver packages are called ‘packagers’, they first make sure the request meet the requirements, accept your request. Create an account in your community if they don’t have one and post in it during the next few days as many times as the ‘package’ they are delivering indicates it.

Free seervices:

  • Advertisement area where you can post a threa highlighting what makes your forum so great and luring people to give it a chance.
  • Exchanges between members. In this area you make offers to exchange things of mutual interest to other forum admins. for example you can offer to pay in forum currency for certain amount of posts, or for liking your page. You may do a post exchanges, where you agree to post a certain amount in someone’s forum so they come to yours and post as well. This is a very good.
  • Ask for other members’ opinion about your community or plans. You can get tips, know what others thinks of your place or what you plan to do to your place.

Some good recomendations of these type of forums to get you started are:

  • Forum Promotion – This one is very active and may be a bit intimidating but if you read the stickies, are respectful and post around you will find it is not wearsiome at all to become an active member.
  • Advertise Hotspot – I have volunteered here as a Reviewer and as a packager in the past. The staff is friendly. Currently is a bit slow in activity but they say they are cooking something. Let’s wait!

Both of this forums have resisted the pass of time and have at least two years online.


What do you think?

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