Forum Groups

In order to for a community to work properly it is indispensable that different responsibilities are assigned. There are three minimal roles that every forum typically posses. These roles forms a very simple hierarchy of authority and privileges:

  1. Administrator
  2. Moderator
  3. Regular Member

No matter what forum software you use, you wills ee these three groups. Names may vary and one user might be part of more than one group.

The administrator manages the community. They have access to the administration panel which allows them to tweak every aspect of the community. They can assign and take away ranks, sections, and in general take care of the technical aspects of the forum. The owner of the forum becomes by default an administrator. Every forum must have at the very least one administrator even if the founder decides to step down there must always be someone with access to oversee everything.

The Moderator arbitrates the community. They are the referees that make sure people obey the established guidelines and have control over threads and posts within their


In addition to the Regular members the other two groups you can find is “Guests” and “Banned” which are special groups I’ll explain in more detail down below.


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