Of Communities Expiring and Refuges

Not sure if today these are usual issues anymore, with Facebook, twitter and whatnot, but I am an old fashioned forumer, I guess. This matter still runs me over even today.

I can’t help to grow attached to communities and it pains me to see them go… specially unexpectedly. It is not the sections it is the people and the memories I make with them. I get attached so easily. Now I have come to ‘expect’ the communities to die at some point but sometimes it is still unexpected and hard to endure.

What are refuges?

Those are temporary forums some ex-member of the dead community creates so as many as he or she knows from said community have a place to post  among known faces while the matter is resolved, or if confirmed that the old place will never be back, to become its continuation.

Some refuges last very little, especially as they use free self-hosted type of forums that offer limitations to the vBulletin, etc they were used to. Even with the same people the refuge will never be the same as the original place,  it may be worse but it also may become something better and stronger.

A wise friend I have compared these bonds we make as we grow up in communities with what happens at school. People go on their own ways. I have made some friendships I think for life, but at the same time I see my friends less and then I learn so much has happened with their lives that they may even look like different people.

Online I grew up with a bunch of people. They are way more than that for me. they are my close friends and some of them even feel them as part of my family.

Right I am facing three communities that may be extinct soon. From them two of them worries me a whole lot. We don’t really tend to keep in contact elsewhere or have other forums where to catch up. While I use twitter and facebook, it may never compare to have a place we could feel that camaraderie
among us.

Now I am starting my own Zelda project (in Spanish, sorry). I can’t help but wonder how long will my journey last? Will I be able to keep with the times or will I become a stubborn kasuto defying the time and standing online for over a decade?


What do you think?

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