Shout 1: Inspiration Forum [DOWN]

UPDATE: The community is not more. If you are still curious this is a cache of Inspiration Forums. The owner is still actively posting interviews in her blog, which you can check out here: authorsinterviewsBelow is the original post, pruned of links. 

I met inspiration forums while I was a packager for Advertise Hotspot some years ago. I enjoyed my time there and the admin enjoyed my work, so I became an active member of the community and made 70 posts at least solely on packager duty. Even after quitting my volunteering, I still visit from time to time. 🙂


Inspiration Forum is aimed to aspiring writers and book lovers. There is a good selection of different areas and something I enjoy quite a lot is that you have the opportunity to interact with authors that have already published material. You will find a lot of people sharing their works and a lot of discussion in different books titles, no matter what genre is your cup of tea. There is always something going on. There are often Interviews made to authors that are truly inspiring to read; it amazes me how different can be the answers to the same question and still learn from them. There are contests and daily quizzes that will keep you entertained and will make you want to bring the best of you. The prizes are good too. I had the fortune to win this year contest and have an autographed book delivered to my door. So I can ensure you they deliver. 😀 The admin, Fiona, is a very sweet and caring person, and the community is very friendly. If you like reading and/or have a (maybe not so) secret desire to become a writer, take my word for it, this community is worth your time.

Inspiration Forum


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